A lazy Sunday…

Tour d'effiel

Our first glance

I am a planner. Spontaneity has never been a trait. Unless it involves shopping. This is why I get on so well with ‘The Boy’ he is the polar opposite. A lazy Sunday afternoon turned into a fantastic break…..

We were sat at home on Sunday afternoon deciding how to make the most of our extended bank holiday weekend. Should we go to our usual favourite hotel in Stow-on-the-Wold? Should we save money and stay home to catch up on reading, meet with friends, watch DVDs? Should we go to some art galleries and historic sites? It went on for hours! Trawling the internet for inspiration and just when I was about to launch the MacBook out of the window I heard…….”sod it, lets go to Paris. There’s a flight in a few hours”.

And that was that…..….flights confirmed, hotel booked and five hours later I was standing bewildered on the RER from Charles de Gaule airport to the centre of Paris.

We spent three fantastic days just walking around taking in the sites, eating some of the best food I have ever tasted and cooing over all the fantastic shops, museums, galleries. We simply had the best time.

Never again shall I complain that we should have made plans.

Paris bar

Dark N’ Stormy

When in Rome...

When in Rome…

Not all the art worth seeing is in The Louvre

Not all the art worth seeing is in The Louvre

Care free

Care free

Lovers Locks

Lovers Locks

Galleries Lafayette

Galleries Lafayette

The Boy

The Boy


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